Laziest polar bear ever - me, every morning, forever.


So, i’ve had a revelation these past couple of days, and i really feel the need to draw attention to the results here.

Theres a perfectly valid reason why i dont usually enjoy the idea of a “collaboration” … allthough you can rest assure whatever collaborations i have done in the past were the…


I want sushi.

Kalamari crunch rolls..

Now I want some Wendy’s..

I noticed something..

I hate my friends that make plans to hang out, but ask for a ride even if they have a license. I’m too nice to ask for gas money :/


Why are we such a fucking attractive couple?

Why are we such a fucking attractive couple?

Star Wars 3-D

Can’t wait for the next one.. it is a more romantic story though :/

I better get Casandra to watch it with me then..